Recruiting Is OPEN

Carrier Air Wing One is currently accepting new pilots into VFA-106. Once accepted recruits are expected to go through the training program that consists of 6 training blocks. These blocks cover everything from proper ramp starting procedures, to navigation and general operation of the selected aircraft, to advanced formation and carrier qualification training. All current qualified members including command staff have gone through the same training program that new recruits are required to advance through so everyone has the same baseline in training.

Requirements: While we dont have many requirements to join, we do require that members have a HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick) setup along with some sort of head tracking software. Please do not view this as being ‘elitist’ as we have discovered over the years that it is next to impossible to fly the jet effectively without these two key pieces of equipment. We also require that all members have (or will have) purchased the following maps:

Nevada Test And Training Range Map

Persian Gulf Map


If you are interested in joining  CVW-1 please take the time to read the rules located on the homepage. When you are ready, please register on the forum and introduce yourself here : Introductions And Recruitment

A guideline for an introduction post:

  • Callsign
  • Sim Experience
  • Controls (HOTAS, Trackir, VR etc)
  • Timezone
  • Any Info you may want to add.

Our admin staff is very active on the forum and you should get a response within 24hrs.