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    Alright - just so I can admit to being a checklist junky (in no small part due to training IRL to start PPL flying lessons), I created an in-game kneeboard checklist for myself that includes all the requirements for the Startup.MIZ Training Block One so I could perform the block in VR, which is how I fly.

    However, after re-reading the Block training requirements, it states that "... You are expected to look at every switch while performing the startup to show position and movement of the switch..." - perfectly and completely understandable. However, being that I did it in VR, if one simply watches the replay without manually changing the view, some of the switches and knobs aren't completely in view when I hit them (sadly, my neck is not like that of an ostrich, and I can't stretch it to view the OBOGS directly unfortunately... ).

    Would it be better in this case to complete this non-VR then?

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    No, you should be fine bud.

    Don't get too hung up on the details. Just follow the instructions or checklist and the plane captain's instructions. The point is to show the wing you can ramp start.

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