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Thread: Hey everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pongo View Post
    Argh, that AOA was horrible. Maybe I am doing it wrong, but my AOA is nailed tight with the trim and I control me rate of descent and fpm with the throttle. Either way, my AOA is set and solid before I am fully lined up.
    Bang on the money dude thats exactly how it should be done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazy-Canuck View Post
    Hmm, had never seen this before. Bankler's mission. See link. May have to try this. Thanks Malibu. Taught me something new already.

    Awesome. Thanks guys.

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    Welcome aboard Malibu!!!

    Is there a link to the mission?

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    Thanks Shady. The latest miz file should be at this link :

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    Hi all, i am new here in this forum...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry View Post
    Hi all, i am new here in this forum...
    Good Morning Henry,

    Are you planning on Joining the wing,. or just poking around?

    I have computer stuff running DCS!

    'Refueling behind that S-3 is like trying to put a flaming stick up a moving cougar's ass!'

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